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Playstation Gets it All, While the Rest of Us Bites the Dust…

I love singing. I really love it. I also love the band Queen. You know who else love singing and Queen? Sony, because they’ve released Singstar Queen. 20 songs with one of the best bands the world’s got to offer and Playstation 2 and 3-owners are the ones who’s got dibs. Why I mention this, you ask? Because I’m a Nintendo-owner, that’s why! Darn, what I wouldn’t do to sing the songs Freddy Mercury once entertained people with and pretend for a second the whole band was in my livingroom, singing and playing along… oh well, Playstation-products are usually so expensive, I guess they could use a break or two and they sure came up with an excellent way to get a few extra buyers their way. If I ever get a chance to play the game (pun intended), I’ll definetely take it. If you can’t have it all, you can at least pray for a shot at it…

In other news, Nintendo’s finally realized the point with USB-ports and SD-cards, because they’ve altered Nintendo DS Lite with some more neccesary details. This new NDS, called Nintendo DSi, has 2 built-in cameras, an SD-slot and can now run as an MP3-player. If there’s anything we’ll miss, it’s the old GBA-cartridge slot (even though it couldn’t handle anything older than the games for Game Boy Advance), but Nintendo has promised to let Nintendo DSi-owners download their old favorites directly to their consoles the same way Nintendo Wii-owners do. The Wii has a shopping channel, where players can download games in exchange for points and the NDSi will have a similar┬ásystem. The question is how fast it will take for the cyber-pirates to get their roms working on their consoles. Will they play it illegal and download everything they know and love, or will they play it legal and cough up the cash for some extra points? If I can run ScummVM on it (lighten up, Nintendo, there are freeware games to download for ScummVM), I’m happy.