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Education Takes Time – Literally!

My, my. I haven’t caught a real break until now to write anything in this blog. It’s my second week in a vocational training school and I’m already swamped in work! I’ve finished some stuff off and now awaits a few answers for my teacher tomorrow. Darn, I really wanted to ace this course. Oh well, it wouldn’t be school if it wasn’t hard…

Those who know me know that I love games. RPG’s (Role-Playing Games), computer games, console games, ARG (Alternative Reality Games), boardgames… the list goes on and on. I can’t really say that I have a favourite game, but I do have an obsession with The Sims. I’ve been collecting those games for a long time and had a lot of fun with them, but they don’t really belong to my favourite genre – P&C (Point & Click) adventure games, like Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Sam & Max and Runaway! I’ve always loved to solve mysteries and those kind of games bring that to the gaming experience. Another thing that I’m very fond of with most P&C games is the humour in the game. Some jokes you have to look for, while the rest are as visible as a red nose on a colourful clown. Monkey Island is a very good example, since those games has both kind of jokes. For a series of games with the 1700’s pirate theme, you can spot a lot of modern stuff in it, like rubber chickens and soda machines. Then we have the weird things you have to do, like collecting T-shirts, put on a pink dress, feed cheese to a vulcano and be vulgar to a school teacher. And last, but definetely not least, we have the signs, labels, posters and commercials you can find a little here and there with some funny text on them. Some of them were actual commercials for future games, which was a little weird, but still funny.

I’d love to write some more, but I have a teacher to try to suck up to in a few hours and need some sleep. Let’s hope he won’t chew my head off…