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The Gender’s Test: Rock Band

Since Rock Band’s been on my mind for a long time now, I finally decided to get it for my Wii. When the disc for the game finally came (the instruments and Rock Band Song Pack 1 came with a previous delivery) the boys were already present and ready to play, so we set the game up and started playing. An hour or so later, the girls came by and gave the game a try as well and that evening turned into a rocking karaeoke night. Here are their opinions:

Male 1: The game would have been more fun for him to play if there were songs he actually liked. He doesn’t really care for this kind of music, but he enjoyed to play the instruments (except for the microphone, because he can’t really sing).

Male 2: The game was fun for him to play, but he would have enjoyed the game more if there were any Iron Maiden-songs available from the start. I think the reason for why he kept playing so long was because he knew there was an Iron Maiden-song to find among the ones that had to be unlocked, so he kept on trying. Bass guitar seemed to be the most fun for him to play, though.

Female 1: This gamehater loved Rock Band! The instruments were too hard for her to play, but she sure loves to sing. Most of the songs were pretty unknown to her (oddly enough), which made the game really challenging for her (and hillarious for us), but after som practice, she really rocked the house! Then she found her favourite songs and rocked some more!

Female 2: This girl has music in her blood and has nothing against games, so it’s no wonder that Rock Band reached her heart as well as mine. The instruments were easy enough for her to play and it was awesome to hear her sing. She has an amazing voice and is used to sing in front of a huge crowd, so hearing her sing along to rock songs like a karaeoke singer was definetely fun for her and awesome for us.

In conclusion to this test, Rock Band manage to do the impossible. It impressed more females than males! It’s usually the male crowd who’re attracted to games, but so wasn’t the case this time! Sure, I only had 4 subjects, where 1 of them did not like the music very much, but he still liked the gameplay enough to want to continue. I still say that Rock Band managed the next-to-impossible, because it managed to impress both female gamers as well as non-gamers, which is far from easy! Everyone doesn’t like rock, but I can’t think of a person on the planet who wouldn’t want to try to play good music, so well done, Harmonix! With more kinds of music and instruments to play, Harmonix could make 10 times more money than they already do, but at least they picked my favourite music to begin with. So, while Rock Band went home with the ladies, the gentlemen will have to settle for the awesome gameplay next game/karaeoke night.


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The Perfect Way to Enjoy Music

Only a few hours ago, I got to try out 2 music-related games for the first time – Rock Band and Singstar for PlayStation 3 (a game console I’ve never played with before either). I’ve never tried anything related to real karaeoke before, so this was definetely something I refused to miss at any cost. If there’s anything I love more than good music, it’s singing and playing good music. It’s a shame my throat isn’t very keen about singing as much as I am…

Allow me to start off with Rock Band. I got to play drums for the song “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer, which (according to those who saw me play) was pretty well done for a beginner. The gameplay for the drum did seem like a combination between Guitar Hero and the music games in Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 and 2, where you have to shake the Wii-remote and nunchuck in a certain pace and moment, so that helped a bit. It was a little tricky to play, since I’m not used to keep track at all the things I could hit with the drumsticks or the pedal, but it sure was fun to play! I hope I can get hold of this game with all the instruments, because this game rules! Play it once and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Singstar was quite interesting. Like I mentioned before, I’ve never sung karaeoke before. That’s why I was delighted to give it a shot, because I love to sing! I was surprised over how easy it was and how easy it could have been if there were less noise in the room. I’m used to sing in a choir and therefore listen to what the other sings and sing along, but it was way too noisy to hear the original singer sing. Too bad, because I noticed how well I could ace a song if I remembered how it went…

So, which game spoke to me the most? Rock Band, of course! Most of the songs on Singstar sucked bigtime and were too unknown to me to be able to sing. Rock Band, on the other hand, had plenty of good songs to try out and play with the instrument of choice and was able to be played by 4 players at the same time instead of just 2. But I did enjoy the 2-player-twist Singstar had, though, but as mentioned, that game needs better songs.