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The Sims 3, I Wish to Own Thee…

The Sims 3 will hit the stores in a few months and I’m 1 of the few Sim-fanatics who can’t wait for that to happen. The more I read about it, the more I want it. For starters, they’ve added things that make the game seem more realistic and stuff that makes the sims seem more sentient. For starters, we can interfere more with the sims’ careers, like sucking up to the boss or do a specific task. Then we have the way the sims react to what we do around them. Let’s say the sim’s busy improving its cooking-skills. The player doesn’t wish to disturb the sim for such a simple task as to empty the trashcan and therefore decides to do it manually. If there’s a sim around to see the player do it, it will respond to that if the player doesn’t do it very often. I find this behavior very fascinating, because it makes me as a player more involved with the lives of my sims. In the prequels, the sims are aware of that the player exists and this you can tell by how they look towards you when they want something. In The Sims 2, the sims even react to the commands you give them sometimes. The Sims 3 takes that to another level, which could make the player feel more involved and connected with the sims. It does make me wonder how far Maxis (or EA’s Sims Division, as they’re called nowadays, I think) will take this feature. Will we eventually have contact with the sims or will they strictly treat us as casual “higher powers that be”, like they always do? I’m very comfortable with the second one, but I’ve always wondered what a sim would say to the one who controls its life…

I also like how everything can be customized to fit the style you want for your sims. No more picking what the game has to offer! One style or a blend of as many styles as you wish, the choice is yours! The style of what, you ask? We’re talking about patterns and colours on clothes, wallpaper, objects, floors and more! Even the colour of their eyes and hair can be changed into a variety of colours! I’m thinking of making a sim with orange eyes and purple, green, blue and pink hair. If that’s possible, I hope they made the same thing for the skin. We could make aliens!

There’s lots of cool stuff to do in this game and I can’t wait to try them all. I’m not sure how much of that stuff will actually be part of the finished product, but I’m very fond of what I’ve read about so far, both from the game designers and producers and the fansites. I can’t wait to see what they’ll mention next.