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Playing The Sims 2 and Spore to the Core!

I am having such a blast with Spore, it’s a miracle I haven’t forgotten my homework! It’s like having a little alien for a pet that’s evolving and breeding and before you can spell the word “adulthood”, you have a whole planet of them, like an antfarm. Then you get to take them out to space and have them spread themselves elsewhere. I like it! I wish my creatures didn’t look so freaky, though. At least the one I’m playing with now seems to evolve nice enough. It looks like the offspring of a hummingbird and a lizardman, with some frog-DNA in the mix. Looks way better than my other creature, which looks like a freaky insect-lizard-halfbreed. I’d make angels, but I can’t get my creature to evolve just right. I’m so sick of having to find all of the body parts everytime I play from scratch. Some creatures really refuse to get eaten and give them to you. Then we have the creatures who’re trying to eat my creatures! Come on, my creatures are too skinny to eat! Well, in their defense, a hummingbird/lizardman/frog-mix is bound to taste like chicken…

I love The Sims. The fact that I can create a family to raise the way I wish is awesome! I loved dollhouses and Barbie-dolls when I was a little girl and this series of games, with all the expansions and stuff-packs, sure makes my life easier to deal with. You can either let a household live the life you wanted and experience that hapiness with them, or ruin their lives to make your own life seem better than it already is – or pick either one for your own amusement or to see how the sims would react. Or perhaps you’re just into making a story or building houses, because you can do that too. Who’s going to stop you from playing a computer game the way you want to? Anyway, I have all the packs for the first and second game and plan to get the third one once it hits the stores. I can’t wait to give that one a try. The sims in that game are going to have more realistic personalities and be aware of the weird things that happens around them, like trashbins emptying on their own or something like that. Those of you who’ve played The Sims 2 knows that the sims look towards the player once they’re made to do something that affects them. Now they’ll react like that for every strange, little tidbit you do that seems unusual to them as well. Like religious people react towards whoever or whatever they believe in, the sims in The Sims 3 will react towards you. It’s like they’re getting more and more aware of the fact that there is someone controlling their lives. Goody, that makes it fun for me to rule their lives with open hands.

All this talk about The Sims and Spore sure puts me in the mood for some gaming, which is just as well. With school and all the homework, I barely have time for anything. That’s why you should always choose a day for fun and leave the rest for chores. You’ll exhaust yourself with stress, but your career will be safe from ruin.