Flights of The Electribird

Through Games, Events and Multimedia


How can I help you?

Inform me

Do you have any information for me? I’d appreciate any information about upcoming events and products to test and blog about.

Tip me

Got any tips about how to get better at what I do? I don’t mind getting feedback and will gladly accept any useful advice you have to share with me.

What, you thought I meant “tip” as in “donate”? It’s not necessary, but if you wish to help me stay airborne, click here.

Hire me

I freelance as a tester for games and multimedia products (both before and after product release) as well as a computer graphics designer, writer and photo editor. I also take photos at concerts, conventions and other events, if you need an undercover photographer for the day. If you wish to hire me, feel free to contact me about what you need me for. Keep in mind that I can’t afford to travel everywhere and the more information I get about what you need to get done, the better I can do the job you wish to hire me for. Fees are negotiable.

Reach me

Just fill in the contact form below.


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