Flights of The Electribird

Through Games, Events and Multimedia


I spent my life hiding in a cage.

I was hurt so much by the monsters outside, I remained at home, where it was safe. Safe from painful words, violence for nothing and the stupidity of weaker minds. But that safety came with a cost. I never learned how to fly on my own and missed out on a life in the skies. Instead, I lived alone in a world I never really belonged to and, no matter how I tried to adapt to the world around me, the cage was always the safest place to be. I never belonged in a world of parties, good looks, sports, alcohol and money. I preferred old games, Heavy Metal, TV, books and multimedia and dreamed of working with game design in the future. That dream didn’t come true.

I’m sick of staying inside the cage.

After a long time of dreaming, I learned that I’d be spending the rest of my life dreaming if I didn’t take a risk every now and then. Life isn’t worth the hours you spend dreaming of a better life if you don’t start turning those dreams into reality. The monsters already stole my youth and sanity and I refused to let them take the rest of my life too. So I opened the cage, took a leap, spread my wings and started to fly. I’ve been flying ever since.

All I want to do is fly.

Now I’m doing what I should have done all along. I’m flying my way through the world of games, music, books, movies and other forms of multimedia. With the perspective of a total newbie, I test things, visit events and learn about the things that’s new to me in a world I was left out of, because fear scared me away. I refuse to be scared of life again. I’m going to live it and I’m doing it my way.

Bring in the thunder.

No matter when a game has been released, chances are I’ll be playing it no matter when it came out. If there’s an interesting book out, chances are I’ll be reading it eventually. Whenever a band or a singer has a gig, I could be hiding in the audience somewhere and chances are high I’ll appear on a convention or some other event like a spy to record everything in sight. Chances are you’ll see me. Chances are you won’t pay me any attention. No matter what happens in the world of multimedia, chances are I’ll be writing about it, especially if I got the chance to test the product or be present at the event.

When there’s lightning in the skies, I’ll be flying.

I am The Electribird.


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