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Serious Acting from the Smith Family

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It’s been a while since I updated this blog, but there’s a good reason for it. I’ve been putting myself back on the school bench, doing some research and learning to get better at what I do for a living and will do even more of it until some time in the middle of next year. No worries, I’ll still update this blog with something when I come across something worth mentioning, like I’m doing today. Just keep in mind that my updates won’t appear as often as I would like…

When you’ve seen Will Smith as a rapper and sit-com actor, you always expect something funny or goofy about his films, no matter how serious his films are. If you pay attention, you can always spot him doing something that lightens the mood in every movie he’s ever acted in. I also have a habit of questioning the acting-skills of his kids after watching Jayden Smith in the remake of The Karate Kid, which can only be described as a “for dummies”-version of the original with kung fu instead of karate. But the Smiths’ latest project, After Earth, showed some promise when I saw the teaser, so I took a shot and gave it a chance a couple of weeks ago. I can indeed say that this movie had some surprises in store…

The movie takes place in the future, where Earth is no longer suited for humans and aliens had killed and scared people into moving to another planet to live in. On that planet, a teenager named Kitai is trying to become as good of a soldier as his father, General Cypher Raige, in hope to impress him. After Kitai fails to get a rank, Cypher decides to take Kitai with him on a last mission. On the way to their location, they crash down onto a planet inhabited by dangerous animals, toxic atmosphere and ice-cold nights – Earth. Being the only two survivors of the crew, Cypher and Kitai must fire a beacon to summon a rescue party to Earth to get out of there, which is easier said than done when the beacon is in the part of the ship that landed on a different part of the planet. Since Cypher is unable to move due to a broken leg from the crash, it is up to Kitai to go out into the unhospitable air and fetch the beacon. To make the task even harder for Kitai, another survivor breaks free and is on the loose…

I never expected to give this movie a 3/5, but it earned it. The story has the right amount of darkness to pass as acceptible for this kind of movie and there wasn’t a lot of useless lines or scenes that didn’t really belong there. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t really much of anything, really, just a kid who had to move from one location to another. It makes the movie feel empty and short when you look at it like that… still, I never expected this kind of simplicity in the directing and story-writing of a Smith-movie, nor did I ever expect Will Smith to be able to play such a serious character throughout an entire movie, which is impressive. As for Jayden Smith, you can tell that his acting has improved a great deal, but he’s still got a long way to go. In all, this is a good movie for a casual evening, when the last thing you want is too much talking, too much high-tech or too much action. Strange, considering that this is supposed to be a Sci-Fi/action movie, but too much of everything would have ruined this movie completely, believe me…


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