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Eurovision Song Contest 2013

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I like listening to music on occassion, but if there’s an event I tend to avoid, it’s the Eurovision Song Contest. The reason for this is very obvious. I got sick of listening to sugary, perky, night-clubbish crap. There was also rumors going on about the competition being rigged when I was a kid, which was the final straw. This year, my mother insisted on watching it and since our livingroom also fuctions as an office, I had no choice than to make my ears bleed again.

Well, I have to say that this years entries are better than last time I watched this competition, which was many years ago. There’s still a lot of rubbish among the entries, but I’ve heard worse. It’s nice to hear music that sounds a little “rockish”, but there’s still a lot of night club rubbish, a few sugary songs and some songs that screams “mainstream” more than anything. We also have the many ballads. I like ballads, so I’ll leave them alone – for now…

But I have to admit that there was some things worth seeing. For starters, the host of the evening, Petra Mede, did a good job hosting the event and the very few jokes I saw made me survive the evening, even if they weren’t much. I also like the stage effects and the energy of some of the performers. It’s a shame there weren’t more of that, but that wasn’t the point of the evening…

Since I’m getting bored of typing this, here are the top 3 winners:

1. “Only Teardrops” with Emmelie de Forest, Denmark

2. “Hold Me” with Farid Mammadov, Azerbaijan

3. “Gravity” with Zlata Ognevich,¬†Ukraine

Congratulations to the winners, well done!

As for me, I’m bored. I can’t believe my mother made me waste time on this rubbish, especially since she went to bed herself about 5-15 minutes before they began sharing the scores. If I liked anything, it’s the special effects used for the evening, the fact that the Swedish prime minister chose to appear in a sketch and that a Swedish comedienne hosted the evening. It was also pretty cool to learn about how the competition has survived over the years and that there’s one time of the year that people, including politicians and homophobes, set aside their issues with the opposing parties to just listen to some music and have fun. Why can’t people get along this easily everyday?

Eurovision Song Contest may not be my kind of thing, but it’s getting better than it was over 10 years ago. For that, the score is 2/5.


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