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The Easiest Way to Enjoy the Basics of Time Travel

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Time travel is a complicated concept in any genre and multimedia platform. The more details you bring to the table, the more confusion you’ll end up with if there are knots left untied in the story. I grew up with several movies and TV-shows that were about time travel, like Back to the Future, Doctor Who, 7 Days and Time Trax. It’s a theme that interests me, because you always expect to find a detail to be forgotten or a theory or two about major mysteries that happened in the past and how things might turn out in the future. That’s why I had fun last week when I got a tip to watch Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. This movie brings up a few of the most basic theories about time travel in a very short, but humorous story.

The story begins with Ray, who joins his friends to the pub after losing his job. After he talks to a girl named Cassie, who tells him that she fixes issues with time for a living, Ray and his friends, Pete and Toby, end up travelling through the mess Cassie had come to fix.

For what appears to be a low-budget movie, this was very entertaining. They kept things very simple and only focused on the theories needed to make a functional manuscript, which is quite an accomplishment! Sadly, it is also the bad thing about this movie. There’s more to time travel than the very few things that happens to the characters and, if you’ve got a good eye for details, you’ll spot the few minor mistakes that has been bugging me for some time now. Still, the movie did bring up the subject of the title – the frequently asked questions about time travel. It just didn’t bring up everything due to the fact that they made the movie too short to display everything.

Short or not, I still recommend this movie on a cozy evening under a nice blanket, with some snacks and a beverage. If the idea of time travel interest you, this movie will most likely keep you entertained. From me, it gets a 3/5. Can’t go any higher without stepping on some pesky butterflies and end the world…


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