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Sometimes a game can become a lot more fun to play when you don’t play it too often. It’s like it’s Monday and you’re saving a box of chocolates for Saturday. Eventually, the craving for the chocolates will sooner or later begin to taunt you, but if you’ve been good and patient enough to wait, the chocolates will taste better than ever before. I do the same thing with games and while I wait like a good birdie, I do crafts out of whatever’s availlable. Yarn, paper, cloth, wood… anything can become a piece of art. When I told a friend of mine about my little hobby, she adviced me to show off my work on a website that I’ve come across before. I always thought they only showed off drawings, paintings and photographs, but I had no idea you could post literature and artisan crafts there as well. If you’re curious to see what I’ve posted on my account there so far, go to and take a peek.

After that, when I’ve waited long enough, I can play games will all the joy in the world. This time, The Sims 3 Generations was up for testing and I must say that this expansion did more to my game than I ever thought it would. Those of you who’ve played The Sims 2 might remember how the game was based on family life and new generations, yes? With The Sims 3 Generations, all of that came back to the game. Before then, The Sims 3 seemed to be more about getting the sims out of the house and explore the world, but that is no longer the only focus of the game anymore and I find that very uplifting. On top of that, I’ve missed the chemistry table from the previous games and the imaginary friend made my game a lot more interesting. I also didn’t expect to use the pranks and teen party features as much, but I’ve been having fun with those as well. I’ve personally only been to one teen party in my entire life and it was nothing like this! Sim-teens are more fun. They don’t need to ruin their livers and brains with alcohol to have fun. A stereo, some stink-juice potions, a pizza and some whoopi-cushions in the furniture is all you need to make a crazy party. Then you can dance with your imaginary friend, while your guests look at you funny, until your parents get home to ground you if the guests aren’t gone in time. How can you not crave moments like that?


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